when my brother dressed me up!

This Rakshabandhan I wanted to do something fun. But really it was more fun for my brother. I decided to let him dress me up and the result was truly interesting.

Here are 7 things about my brother, my relationship with him, and me.



Amogha: What was the first thing you thought of/ felt when you realized that you finally have a little sister?

Anunaad: I don’t remember. I was too little. (Laughs) “At long last, FINALLY” I think that was the feeling.


Amogha: Do you have a favorite memory of us?

Anunaad: That one time when we rode on the bike all the way from Mumbai to Pune, and got drenched several times. It was a disastrous start with us getting completely wet at Vashi but it got better through the ride. We took about 5 and a half hours but we made it home. That was one hell of a trip. 



Amogha: How was the process of dressing me up like?

Anunaad: Stressfully Fun. Because I had never dolled up a girl before so it was fun. I remembered the time when I used to dress you up when you were little. 


Amogha: What are the two things I always look good in?

Anunaad: Kurtas and Dresses. 



Amogha: Do you remember the first time you saved me from Ma?

Anunaad: I dont ever remember saving you from Ma. You always found your way out. You had great arguments to get out of any situation. 


Amogha: What are you most scared of, for me?

Anunaad: That you will con yourself. 


Amogha: Give me one life advice.

Anunaad: Don’t shrink yourself. And trust your process. 




My brother is full of wisdom bombs; then again I guess all older brothers are. I cant believe that he has been here all my life despite the many mistakes I have made. He has always been there, constantly encouraging and supporting me. I love the way we can laugh at the dumbest jokes for hours and bring it up at the most serious situations and laugh again. He is my pillar, and my first best friend. Thank you for everything Anu. Happy Rakhi.


Dress – H&M

Jewelry – Perlinecrafts

Makeup – Winged eyes and Mac Matte Russian Red

Photography – Anushree Kadam (my cousin)



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