What to wear with Crop Tops

This crop top is my bae. If you know me well, you’ve seen me at least ONCE in this crop top, either with a pair of jeans or with a skirt. In fact, I am wearing this right now.

I think we always find our soulmate in the most unlikely places. I found this cute little black lace crop-top in a second hand clothing store in Japan. I would have totally missed it, because it’s so tiny, had my roommate not picked up a jacket that was right next to it. I have worn this for three years and I just can’t seem to get over it. I have worn it above long skirts and khaki pants and even as a replacement for kurtis.

But pairing my cute crop top with a saree was a very unlikely idea, even for me. And that’s why I had to try it. I wanted to traditionalize this western concept and make it homely. And Voila! Bright pink saree and a Jaipuri block printed skirt with my cutesie little crop top. And I am quite happy with the results!




Lace in general is a bit hard to handle, and I personally, am not a big fan. However, itsy bitsy amount of lace can make any outfit pop out. The one thing that I loved about this attire was that it was airy and comfortable, and the lace only added elegance and fun, without making it look too cumbersome. I wanted to add a bit more edge to this look and so wore a big nose pin, heavy jhumkas and a silver bangle, all from the lovely perlinebyrucha.



Minimal Makeup and Bindi. Always a win.

Photography – Shailendra Pardeshi Check him out here and here.


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