Updating Life #1



Coming to Bombay

There are spaces filled with stillness before the movement finally begins.


I am an outsider. No matter how much Marathi I know, (which is little and very poor, my friends will attest) I feel like a complete outsider here. But there’s something attractive and fascinating about Mumbai, and it will mesmerize you and enchant you before it takes pieces of you away. It commands people to grow up too quickly but then bows down to the ones who are persistent to be a child within.


Stillness 1, Week – 1


So I got a job (yay) and I have been working here for the past 2 months. Why did I choose to work? wasn’t I planning on studying? Where did all my ambition go? Am I just grinding and hating Monday’s? Am I just another millennial wondering if this menial work is meant for me? Is this is what I am destined to do? Well, guess what? I have no answers for you. I know only one thing – right now, I am waiting. And as I wait, I am going to do everything I can do while I am here.


IMG_9557 (1)
Stillness 2,  Week -2


My brother said something really interesting the other day, (along these lines) “Mumbai will bring out the best in you. if you’re hardworking and thoughtful, Mumbai will watch you and reward you. All you need is patience.” Well I am trying to work reaaaaally hard and there’s a part of me that is thoughtful (in general) but yes, patience isn’t my strongest suit. Perhaps, my best isn’t coming out anytime soon.


Stillness 3, Week –  3 and 4



Nevertheless, Mumbai has been really kind to me (mostly). When I moved here, I knew only a few people. Actually, only two. But my family has grown since then. I have had a home and parents (literally) that let me sleep and eat and drink endless chai. Without their gracious love and support, my transition to this city would have been an emotional upheaval that (let’s just say) I wasn’t capable to handle. Even before I moved into my own apartment, I had found a home, thanks to Siddharth.


Movement 1,  Week 6


Although getting this job was a fun story that I would probably rant about in another post, I have to admit that my workplace, my boss, and my colleagues have been kind and generous. Kind because sometimes I just cant ‘corporate’ and/or ‘adult’ and they’ve helped me do that. Generous because they are grooming and teaching me without any expectations. My work consists of writing and researching, and sometimes creatively brainstorming on how to research better and then write about it. It’s an engrossing job and I learn something new every day. I am nothing but grateful for the past few weeks.

This one is a small tribute to the past few weeks. This is my way of keeping that child within me intact.

Movement 2, Yesterday

– Amogha –


All photos by yours truly. Taken on my iPhone SE


Note – * We’d like to share with you all that there are many changes that our dear Pinch of Turquoise will be going through over the next couple of weeks. Towards our first year anniversary, we hope you will enjoy what we have in store for you. Thank you for being patient through our journey.  We love you. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook 


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