Udaipur #03 Food , Art & Shopping

It’s time now for my most favorite bit of this Udaipur travel series. Yes, as the name states, this one is all about shopping , a bit about art and a lot about FOOD!

Udaipur is a place of art. You will come across something interesting painted on every corner of the street. Be it decorated doorways or mosaic tiles, its a burst of colours at sight!
1) Elephants!
Udaipur streets are full of cows, but the walls are filled with Elephant paintings! Imagine my delight when everywhere I went, this majestic creature welcomed me!

Majestic Elephant  wall painting towards the entrance of the City Palace Museum !
Cute little elephant welcoming us at the gate of the Ahar Cenotaphs 🙂
Elephants with tile work mosaic ❤

2) Stained Glass

The city palace is full of beautiful stained glass inlaid in doors and windows. The Rang Mahal and various other pathways are a sight to behold.
The beautifully crafted glass work at the City Palace was a result of the Persian influence in the 18th century. Eventually , Indians developed their own style

The Club Mahindra Resort at Kumbhalgarh too, has a beautiful stained glass door to welcome you!

3) Jaali Patterns

One can find beautiful Jaali patterns at the City Palace and other places in this city!
And what’s unique is each one of this pattern is different!


Next to Jaipur , Udaipur is quite the shopping destination too!
I purchased quite a lot of clothes and decorative pieces. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Jholas – Jholas or sling bags , embellished with mirrors and beautiful thread work. Some of them are embroidered and include patch work too! The starting range for these is Rs. 150!
  2. Bandhani & Lehriya– I ended up buying Bandhani and Lehriya dupattas and sarees for a lot of my friends. The start from a very affordable range of Rs. 175
  3. Clothes – Clothes in general are less expensive at the wholesale market here. Most of these Items can be bought at Hathipol Bazaar. The shops here deal in wholesale supply of goods as well! Simple Kurtis also start from a range of just Rs.250!
  4. Juttis or Mojdis – I bought lots of Juttis for my entire family! There is such a variety available at Mochi Bazaar near Hathipol . If you happen to visit this market , do visit shop number 111 . A very sweet old gentleman with a collection of beautiful and elegant juttis or mojdis awaits you! Handcrafted in Pure leather for Rs.450 only!

    WhatsApp Image 2017-08-06 at 12.55.09 PM
    Beautiful Mojdi options are Mochi Bazaar
  5. Leather cover Diaries – If you are someone like me, who loves collecting diaries! The Jagdish Mandir Market area will seem like a diary paradise! With beautiful handmade paper diaries covered with different designs embossed in pure leather ,starting only at Rs. 250!

    WhatsApp Image 2017-08-06 at 12.55.08 PM (1)
    The beautiful Dohar from Udaipur and the leather covered diaries!
  6. Dohars – Dohars or blankets (for summers) are available in a wide variety here, starting from Rs. 850!

    Udaipur is also known for its leather. However , having been to a lot of hill stations, the craftsmanship in Udaipur didn’t seem very impressive. I decided to pass on leather this time 🙂

    WhatsApp Image 2017-08-06 at 12.55.09 PM (1)
    A statement necklace purchased at Shilpagram.

    Silver shops however are at large in Udaipur! Some shops in the interior lanes near Jagdish Mandir market have some breathtaking designs!

    Now coming to my favorite part of the trip, the FOOD.
    We tasted a lot of Udaipur special delicacies in our one week long trip. I am a complete foodie at heart and no amount of calorie charts can stop me from satisfying my taste buds! These are my favorites:

  • Kair Sangari or Pach Kutta : Kair is a small and round fruit and Sangari are 2-4 inches long thin beans. These vegetables are found predominantly in Rajasthan and are dried well under the sun. This dish tastes very different , almost like a mix sour and spicy flavours depending on the make. We were lucky enough to taste this dish on our first night in Udaipur at the Club Mahindra Hotel , Udaipur. Its a local delicacy and can be found at any small restaurant.
Yummy Kair Sangari displayed at our buffet in an earthen fire pot.
  • Dal Baati Churma – Rajasthani food is incomplete without the mention of Daal Baati Churma. The Baatis are essentially round breads baked over firewood. The daal or Panchmel Daal is often cooked in ghee  and served with lots of ghee as well. Churma is a sweetened and cardamom- flavoured mix of crushed baati. So, it was in desert kingdom of Mewar that this mouth-watering combination of sweet, spicy and bland bread originated. We tasted the best Thaali at Hotel Rajwada in Udaipur.
    Typical Rajasthani thaali consists of Chaas , Daal baati Churma , Papad , Kadhi Chawal and Suji halwa.


  • Jalebis and Kachoris – One of the best breakfasts we had was a sumptuous meal consisting of Jalebis fried in pure ghee, Pyaaz ki (Onion) Kachori , Daal Kachori and Samosa! Our very informative driver introduced us to a very old breakfast joint , the “Trivedi Upahar Gruha” early morning in Udaipur , on the way to Kumbhalgarh! Mr. Trivedi runs this small joint himself. Jalebis fried in Desi ghee are made to order, plate by plate. The best Kachoris in town with chutney can be tasted here! Its imperative that you wash down this heavy and yummy deep fried breakfast with a glass of hot milk, to avoid any headache or acidity problems!
    Trivediji working at the small joint.


  • Urad ke ladoo – Urad (Split black gram) ladoo is a speciality at Trivedi Upahar Gruha! One of the best ladoos I have tasted, again made with pure ghee. These are perfect as take home delicacies!

We tasted many other well known dishes like Ghewar (sweet) , Laal Maas (Red meat ) and Ajmeri Baingan ( Brinjal dish).  One must try atleast a few of these when in Udaipur!

This brings me to the end of my Udaipur Diaries. Udaipur is a beautiful , safe and peaceful city. You’ll find many artists , tourists and families travelling here year around. This was my first visit to the beautiful and mystical city of Rajasthan. Ever since we got back, I cant wait to plan my next trips to Jaipur , Jodhpur , Jaisalmer and many other places!




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