The Secret.


When I first thought of this simplistic combination I was under the impression that it’ll make me look fabulous (sometimes, thoughts are where you hold your deepest desires eh?! 😉 ). Though, after trying the outfit I didn’t like it as much because it made me look pudgy (something I did not appreciate).


Looking at myself in the mirror I thought that, this basic outfit with a simple white kurti is not going to make a bombastic statement (considering the fact that it already made me look short and stout), so I teamed it up with a few minimalist accessories like the long, bold neck-piece and the fringing brown footwear.

Well, after adding these two components I felt a bit positive about the whole attire but there was still something that played hooky.


As I was on the brink of changing the whole outfit, Vishaka, my co-blogger and a very close friend asked me to try a new lip colour that she happened to buy the other day. And there I was again, standing in front of the mirror admiring the whole look and commemorating the idea of this outfit that I initially had in my mind. The lip-shade was the secret to completion, an icing on the blank cake.

Accessories, footwear and make-up are the few components that will always make you look pretty, no doubt about that, but; without you being Confident enough about it yourself, these components will just fall apart. All of these external factors just strive to tap your confidence here and there. Nevertheless, Confidence is something that needs to come from within and you are the only one who can control and reveal it.

Confidence is thus, the Secret ingredient that you hold within yourself and need to believe in.  So, keep your head high, smile your way through and believe in whatever you choose to do. Trust me, no effort shall ever go waste with that positive attitude.


Esha ❤


What I wore?

A white Kurti by Srishti from Central.

Brown Fringe flat gladiators by Forever 21.

Faded blue ripped denim shorts picked from a flea market in Thailand.

Handmade wooden neck piece, a souvenir from Bali. 

Photography byVishaka Ayalur 

Location: Chinchwad, Pune. 

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