The Bygone Summer Days

As I sit by my window, the raindrops on the window remind me of the bygone summer -end of the academic year,an amazing holiday in Andaman and the loss of my pet and the depression that followed. I made some new friends and lost a few. I learnt to stand up and smile even when I didn’t want to. As the season changes and new avenues open up for me and my new work year begins, I can only look back at the bygone summer and be hold a mixed bag of  extreme emotions- extreme happiness and sad, relaxation and frustration, full of giggles and full of tears.


My personal life apart, the bygone summer at Pinch of Turquoise was filled with the khadi kurtis and cotton jackets,shorts and cotton maxi dresses and saree with a crop top and a sports bra. It was a mixture of vibrant colours and earthy textures. This one is an addition to the same summer trend we have already set.

This outfit that I wore on my trip to Mahabalipuram is from the Summer Collection of Max fashion and I bought these in April right before my travel. The Kurti is comfortable and airy and has a nice summer look to it. I chose to wear it with my favourite tailor-made white pants. _P0A2794-01

The platform heels are again a pick from the Max Summer Collection. They are the perfect pair one needs while travelling. I am always on the lookout for footwear that is comfortable while driving as well; just so I can avoid carrying multiple pairs of footwear!( I am lazy that way)And I am glad I chose to wear them because an hour before this shot,  in my bid to explore the by lanes of the ECR I ended up stranded with the car tyre stuck in a  sand pathway.  I had taken a self-drive car from a self-drive vendor, so the need to get the car out without any damage was top priority So,  with a lot of efforts and getting my hands and legs dirty, we got the car out without anyone hurt and the car not damaged. !!And as you can see, the heels lived past all of this and with some cleaning they were good to be worn once again!

And earrings,  I am in love with them! I had actually taken them just for the shoot as a collaboration from Perline by Rucha but I ended up buying them! The varied colours of these afghani beauties was admired by all those who have seen me wearing them and I couldn’t imagine parting from them. And this was exactly what I needed for this monochromic Kurti.

_P0A2800-01 The nose pin is from Perline Silvers. Till I started wearing the clip-on nose pins from Perline Silvers I always thought I couldn’t carry them or they wouldn’t be comfortable or maybe I wouldn’t look good. But now slowly steadily, they are becoming a prime accessory in my daily dressing up routine.

Hoping this monsoon helps me break some self-built myths about fashion and may the colours of fashion help me get over the agony of this last summer, because clothing and jewellery, I believe are amazing stress busters as well as anti-depressants. The colours and textiles of summer have helped me to cheer myself on days when I didn’t even want to get out of bed. I would suggest this to others like me who are facing depression to try this at least once- Get up, dress up,pick that jewellery and add with a speck of smile and you are good to go! But again,it ain’t bad at all to keep lying in bed either.  🙂



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