Soul Sisters on a Friday Night

What do most girls wish for, yes apart from a Prince Charming, who will sweep you off your feet with his charm. Apart from a loving family, who treats her like a princess. Friends, who adore her like the most beautiful constellation of stars in the night -sky. Apart from the intricate and elegant jewelry and all the best brands in her wardrobe. We believe above all these worldly joys, all a girl can wish for is to find her soul sister.


A sister, who never shared your mother’s womb but nevertheless carries the same set of complex gene. A sister, who can hug, respect and fear your sibling like her own. A sister, who indulges in all your random musings over the night sleepovers but at the same time can see a tear drop in your eyes even before it is formed. The one who can find your makeup faster than you can or who is your ATM or the horse you bet on with utmost surety.


Someone who won’t just give you the cushion of her shoulder to cry on but also a peck on your cheeks to let you know that you are still the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. Who could take you back to your childhood, any time you wish or who would just hold your hand in her palms and reassure you that you would never be alone even at the world’s end.


That girl, who would normally be the polite girl in the crowd but could knock a person down if he/she tries to hurt you. Together you won’t ever need anyone else- a dance partner on a Friday night,a movie partner, an ice-cream partner, a travel companion, a match-maker, a bridesmaid.


Yes, a soul sister, who would make your existence complete – is the best a girl can have 🙂

Written in Collaboration with Sumit Deshmukh.

Theme : Friday night with your Soul Sister


Esha’s Attire:

  • Earrings -FC road side pick
  • Dress – ONLY (bought from Central)
  • Heels – Souvenir from Germany by brother, Amey Dholam
  • Watch – Dressberry, a gift by friend Kshitij Bhargava

Vishaka’s Attire:

  • Dress- Van Heusen(bought from Central by Jenny, one of our supportive friends)
  • Neckpiece & Earrings – Esha picked it up from the streets of Goa. ( May she always have such findings :P)
  • Heels: Borrowed from a cute friend of ours, Chaitanya.

Photography by Bhushan Deshmukh


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