Hola! I am Rucha.
Jewelry, Good food and music are at the source of my happiness. I collect currency from different countries and time periods, because each one tells a story.
Here’s my story- All my days are filled with beautiful friends, beautiful art and my precious family! I have always been that little girl, who dances in the rain, dances for her own joy. Painting makes me smile, good music makes me grin from ear to ear. My work makes me grateful for every new day! Style for me, is all about comfort in your own skin. Fashion is not what we see on the runway. It’s what trickles down to the masses. It’s what is reused and passed on. It’s the special Boyfriend T-shirt, and mom’s favorite sari. Fashion is what you carry with confidence. Your style should make you happy. Because happiness is contagious! So let it spread.
This blog is my attempt to explore my style . If you like it, smile a little! See you again very soon.

Love and Light,


What I Wore:
Kurta-Beautiful baby pink kurta by “Morpankh” which was a very precious gift! It caught a nasty stain, and so I bleached it white(jugaad is in the blood!). I have an endless Love affair with white.
Leggings-Paired this with simple blue leggings (I have quite the collection of leggings, you’ll see.)
Jewellery-Paired with a pair of beautiful jhumkas, set in pearls and turquoise in 92.5 silver and a beautiful handcrafted turquoise necklace with a Tibetan pendant , by “Perline by Rucha”( )            

*All Photos clicked by Shailendra Pardeshi. Go check out his incredible stuff –

Website –

Facebook –

Instagram – shail.pardesi



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