Repository of memories.

What do you do when you can never go back home?
As I sit at my desk looking out of the window, I often wonder what makes me feel at home. I am the younger of two kids born to a very loving couple. We were both raised with the ideal middle class values. As time passed and we grew up, our houses changed. From a simple company quarters, to my dad’s first house in Mumbai, to our current house in Pune. Ever wondered what is it, that makes your current house your “Home“?
Some might say “People make a home“. Agreed. But why is it still home when those people have moved away? What is it about the aura of a place, that instantly connects with you! Your belongings may be? Or your memories?


Last weekend, I changed into a soft cotton kurta and skirt to beat the summer heat on a day out with mom. As soon as we stepped out, the sun hit me like boiling water on bare skin, scorching and burning. We got into a cab and reached MG road. Fifteen minutes in the 2pm heat and I was already dehydrated! I felt like drinking gallons of kokum sherbet, kairi panha and nimbu paani instead of chilled beer for a change!
Finally I found a small Nimbu Paniwalla. With that first sip of sweet and slightly sour nimbu paani, my mind instantly went back to our first home, where I grew up. Every summer vacation, I remember playing carom and cards with my friends all day long! Doing absolutely nothing but drinking glasses after glasses of Nimbu Paani (courtesy mom,even today!)

Every time I visit Mumbai, the bite of my favorite mouth watering bhel from the same vendor(for the past 16 years!) outside Indraprasth at Borivali West opens up a flood gate of emotions! Emotions that make we want to laugh and cry. Some old habits are just memories. Like rewinding an audio cassette with a pen. Or rubbing chalk on my canvas shoes to whiten them a night before P.T day! Some places bring me back to my roots. My home, which was the repository of so many memories, is not my home anymore. Its someone else’s.
So, what do you do when you can’t go back?
As I have discovered, the best thing to do is, recreate those memories in your imagination and dive deep into the ocean of thoughts. For somewhere, you will rediscover a lost bit of yourself. Just like i did, sipping on some nimbu paani one Sunday afternoon.

Outfit- Fab India- Pure cotton blue kurti, Paired with a soft kalamkari printed long skirt This outfit is very dear to me for two reasons: First, It takes me back to my roots and reminds me of the pure cotton kurtis that were stitched for me out of aai’s dupattas. And second, because this outfit is a gift by someone very dear to me. Like I said, some objects, some memories , some clothes, make you feel at home.
Jewellery- 92.5 silver necklace by “Perline by Rucha” with a handpainted ganesha statement ring.( )            

So the crux of this big rant is – Beat the summer heat with something cotton, something that is home. It will make you feel easy breezy and more elegant than you have ever felt in your pair of jeans, in a long time!


*All Photos clicked by Shailendra Pardeshi. Go check out his incredible stuff –

Website –

Facebook –

Instagram – shail.pardesi



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