Realization of a Teenage Dream

“Manasi is a friend of mine. No, she is a sister, as in,she is my cousin.Umm”

That’s how, with a lot of confusion, I normally talk about this wonderful person in my life , who is a cousin’s cousin and is not technically ‘family’ but calling her a friend never ever felt sufficient, as she always meant more to me. Hence, it’s been years since the circle around us know us as sisters. She is the one, who was my fashion inspiration as a teenager. She is the cool older one, who took me to CCD for the first time . She is the one, who never questions my weird fetishes and loves me unconditionally even when I zone out on her.

As her wedding was nearing, I was in jitters. A worry ,that I may be losing her, disturbed me. But this marriage turned special because instead of losing her I found an amazing friend in her husband, Gautam. So, now I have one more person who falls in my circle of people. I am glad I could put my worries to rest.

As it happens to most others, I always dreamt of my sister’s wedding. Being her bridesmaid, was a dream I saw a decade ago. I wanted it to be the most beautiful day of her life and I tried every bit to realise this dream. Trust me, it ain’t easy being a bridesmaid for the one you love the most as you can’t yell at them, when they are acting too choosy over every minute thing. Even when they turn into a typical ‘Brideszilla’ you have to smile it through. But, with Manasi it was completely worth it. To see her smile at her wedding was sheer joy and all the ‘Bridezilla’ moments just faded away.  I wouldn’t ever want to have it any other way.

Their wedding was a beautiful Big Fat Indian Wedding with Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding and the Reception. Of course, that meant a lot of pre-planning and work from all our ends, but the most awesome part was, that I got to dress up for one of my most awaited events. I tried to plan my outfits way in advance but that didn’t work out as I was juggling between work,the blog and the pre-wedding preparations.  Nonetheless I loved the outcome and this is what I chose to wear at each event –

For the Mehendi I wore a Lehenga,that I picked up from a sale in Soch, Aundh,Pune and I paired with earrings from Perline Crafts.

Sangeet was all about Music and Dance and I barely showed any interest in non-candid photos 😛 Nonetheless, here are some picture of me being myself and enjoying every bit.  

Manasi-Gautam Sangeet (325 of 498)
Earrings handcrafted by Perline Crafts


Manasi-Gautam Sangeet (81 of 498)
Palazzo Lehenga,that I customised for myself and maang tika from Perline Crafts

The Wedding and Reception were all about Saris. Of course!!

I bought this beauty from Kancheepuram a few years back. The Jhumkis are from Om Tara, Chinchwad.
A Raw Silk Sari that my Aunt gifted me paired with silver jewellery from Perline Crafts
A closeup on this stunning neckpiece from Perline Crafts.

Location: Mehendi- Kundan Palace,Akurdi and all other events- RSI, Camp, Pune

Picture Courtesy : Amit. Follow him on Instagram and check his website here


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