Open Letter to Aunties and Uncles

Dear Aunties/Uncles,

I know the first thing you generally notice when I wear such clothes are my legs. I am not trying to grab your attention. I am not trying to defy expectations of a good girl. I love this dress. Infact, my mum got me this as a gift for my 23rd Birthday. Thats right. I am an adult who can make my decisions. I know how difficult it is for you to accept that. Please stop giving me suggestions on how I am shaming my family. Please stop correlating my dressing choices and my lifestyle. Like, if I dress a certain way I am definitely drinking and staying up late night and doing things I shouldn’t do.

I understand that you are uncomfortable with the fact that this generation gets the opportunity to be who they are. But you forget that it was your hard-work and patience that got us here. You wanted us to have a better life. And you fought for the “acche din.” This is the better life. So why do you regret giving it to us? Why are you suddenly afraid of the good life? Your fear is raising a generation of disoriented children who are either too angry or too docile. You got us till here, why don’t you trust we can take it from here?

You are all anonymous. But together you are one voice, please don’t forget that. There’s no reason for a girl to feel ashamed of what she wears. Shaming is a culture born out of insecurity and (feelings of) lack of control. Shaming is a result of powerlessness and quick judgement. It is the easiest way out for a person who lacks the ability to accept differences and respect them. Please don’t choose the easy way out. Get to know us. We promise you you will be surprised. We will keep fighting the good fight, and we believe soon you will all join us. We need you more than you think we do.

Yours defiantly,


Keeping it simple. I am wearing:

An A-line Soft Swallowtail Black Printed Dress

A Bronze colored choker

And Squared Bronze Earrings




5 thoughts on “Open Letter to Aunties and Uncles

  1. Everything wonderful, Que vous etes belle, Yes, Pl stop thinking how others feel , they may be ur Uncles n Aunties,, but let me think, alike, u react out of ur social restrictions n I express out of my freedom.
    I saw u as a baby n even that time u had beautiful legs n everything as wat u hv today by the Grace of God.
    Ur like ur Mom from inside, u might have given today a freedom to many moms, who wished to enjoy freedom like u but could not handle the situation.
    U don’t make anyone who knows what’s freedom to feel shamed but instead make us feel ” Proud of u.”


  2. Almost everyone has an opinion on a woman’s appearance. Some people just have the decency to keep it to themselves. From the length of her skirt, the tightness of her jeans to the depth of her cleavage, from the height of her heels to the color of her lipstick: we are all guilty of judging people by their exterior.
    People like to think that they can tell a person´s life story by analyzing someone’s appearance- the shallowest of all analysis.
    ButI think the problem is that there isn’t an outfit that a woman can wear without being judged. We are trying to find meaning behind everything, even if there is nothing to find.I think the education system should work for conducting sessions or seminars or if possible at school level they should add an extra period like we have other activities such as games, arts, music, yoga or supw etc.. Personally I think that first of all one should learn or understand the importance and meaning of the word “RESPECT” and should understand the difference between perception and opinion.
    Lastly I would like to appreciate your mentality AMOGHA and as far as I Know you you are really a very intellectual person. God bless you and other people like you who want to sustain humanity..
    Jai Hind!!
    Vande matram!!👊👊
    Stay healthy and serve for humanity and self satisfaction…


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