One Masala Papad Platter please! ft. Grillicious

Yes, you heard me right! Masala Papad is no longer the quick fix or side dish before a filling meal. Grillicious , Baner (Pune), has taken our  favourite childhood dish to a whole new level! The Masala Papad Platter, one of their signature dishes ,consists of 5 types of papads served with 6 different toppings. This is a perfect DIY platter that lets you customise your papad for your tastebuds! The condiments include everything from an onion tomato mix to garlic masala. A soothing iced drink is the perfect companion for this Desi platter.

Masala Papad Platter – Rs. 165         Green Apple Lime Glacier – Rs.145

These are my favorites from their Menu:

  1. Mac n Cheese Stuffed Samosa – Rs. 269
    This is the most delightful dish in the menu. Macaroni and yummy cheese stuffed and wrapped in a samosa giving it the perfect crunchy , cheesy taste ❤ The mac n cheese were cooked to perfection and served with 4 different chutneys/dips.
    This dish is sure to put a happy smile on your face!

    Mac n Cheese Stuffed Samosa – Rs. 269


  2. American Smoked BBQ wings – Rs.269
    How could I resist a dish with Smoked , BBQ and wings in the same name?!
    This dish is all you can dream of 😀 A meat lover’s delight , the chicken wings were nice and juicy with the BBQ sauce made to perfection.

    American Smoked BBQ Wings – Rs.269

    Trying not to hog, for the sake of a decent picture!
  3. Loaded Cheese Chili Toast- Rs.185
    Toast topped with garlic, bell peppers , chili , herbs et al , finished with a combination of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. The bread toast was the perfect amount of crisp and the blend of cheeses are too tempting for your taste buds!

    Loaded Cheese Chili Toast – Rs. 185
  4. Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Oreo Pie – Rs.185
    Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Oreo Pie has three stunning layers – Crushed Oreo base filled with salted caramel and topped with dark chocolate – forming a perfect bite of chocolatey gooeyness. It has a good balance of sweet and salt, if you don’t like your dessert to be too sweet.

    edited_1484452867582 (1)
    Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Oreo Pie- Rs.185

    The other dishes I would love to try again at Grillicious are Butter Chicken Lasagna (an unusual twist) , Fiery Ghost Chilli Tikka (Spiced with the world’s most spicy chilli) , Spicy Crisp Fried Orange Zest Chicken Strips ( a treat for the taste buds!) and Motichur Gulaab Jaamun Rabdi Parfait .
    And when you have a team lunch to plan , don’t miss out on the amazing Grillicious DIY BBQ Party!Know more about it here .

    A big shout out to the owners who personally check up on every table and the very humble staff ! It’s a perfect place if you are in the mood for something new with your family!

    As this very welcoming restaurant completes a full year in business,
    “Wishing GRILLICIOUS a very happy one year anniversary!”
    ~ Team Pinch Of Turquoise.

    P.S.- Grillicious is offering amazing discounts for the month of September 2017 on account of their anniversary!



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