Not without my mother…

_P0A2952” You got your mother to a bowling party on your birthday?! Do you think she can handle bowling?”

“What! You workout with your MOM. Isn’t it boring ?”

” A trip with your mum to Andaman. I am sure you didn’t do a single water sport!!”


These are the reactions I get when I tell people of the fun things, my mother and I do. To answer them – My mother is a pro in the bowling alley. She isn’t boring but super fun to workout with. And, literally, every other muscular guy in the gym, stops his workout and comes and tells her – ” Aunty, I wish my mum would also workout and want to stay fit like you”. With a matter of fact, my trainer gets bored working out all alone with me. 😛_P0A2965

Traveling with your mother is, trust me, the most enriching and rejuvenating experience of your life. You get to know her in a whole new different way. My mother is an amazing co-traveler. In our last holiday, she walked underwater. She loved snorkelling just like a ten year old. And wait for it- She scuba dived with equal enthusiasum.

She has a spirit of a 16 year old. She gives the credit to her students, who help her stay young. So don’t be shocked if you see her over-speeding  or racing a student on her moped. Talking about her spirit, I cannot forget to mention that she is on level 483.


She markets my co-blogger Rucha’s jewelry brand as her own and waits for my other co-blogger Esha’s next play  like her biggest fan. She misses my friends – Richa and Avani just as much as I do and can have absurd conversations with them and remember the kind of coffee they like, even if they visit after a long gap. She celebrates every happiness and gets teary for every bad happening in Neha’s life. No wonder,my friends love her as if she is their friend. My mother is an integral part of my friend circle and I am invited everywhere with her.

So, when I think what is the one thing I want to learn from my mother, I wouldn’t have an answer. 10 years back, I used to say to be a teacher like her is all that I wish for. A dream that I fulfilled 8 years back and now I proudly run Ayalur’s Language Solutions with her. (Keeping this in mind, we wore jewellery made by my student’s from Abira Creations)

But,if you ask me now, I would say I would love to inherit her never-say-die attitude. I would love her never aging spirit. The way she keeps the family together is what I would love to learn from her. Also, her FILTER COFFEE!

The most fun person in my life is my mum and no,I will still say-

“Bowling,Workout,Business or anything else -NOT WITHOUT MY MOTHER..!

_P0A2957 edit



What we wore –

Muma –

  • A cotton dress material bought from a Home seller.
  • The Pallazo is a gift from the Tandon family.
  • Jewellery: Handcrafted by the Abiras at Abira Creations






24 thoughts on “Not without my mother…

  1. Aunty is the best! And that FILTER COFFEE man.. she re-sieved it for me. I mean who does that? She is truly a best friend and an amazing guide.
    PS: Pepper also loves her the most now
    Very well written Vish!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She is the best at what she is.. A person, a friend, a guide, a teacher, a companion, a constant encourager and on and on .. And I am sure she too shares the same for you.. Not without my daughter thing.. Love you both.. Looking great together

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy mother’s day miss. You have alwayd
    been a guiding and helping hand in whatever I hv done in my life .Thank you for considering me a family always .
    Vishaka good job my dear friend ☺


  4. Happy mother’s day aunty. I am very grateful to have you and Vishaka in my life as a teacher, guide,friend.
    You both will always be one of the most important people in my life.
    Thank you for all that you have done for me.


  5. Superb Visakha. What Visakha wrote is perfectly right. I still remember the enthusiasm with which she used to dance in all our family functions. Great job Vishaka.


  6. Well written Vishakha
    words are very few to express her and Aunty you are looking gorgeous.
    I am still learning from you the way you being a Teacher you are still a good learner.
    Happy Mother’s Day Aunty
    Thanks for being with me always


  7. Beautifully penned down.. lucky both of you are and most importantly beautiful is the bond and relationship you both share and that radiates among the people you are with. No wonder Bruno loved you both so so so much…just immeasurable.


  8. Vishaka you are bettering yourself with every new piece you are writing..
    Very few people have the skill of penning down their feelings and emotions with such passion and clarity. And you know how much I’m glued to your mom because she is She…….


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