My Core Team of Stylists

810_3376In my last post, I spoke about my bond with my mother. One of the many points that I didn’t cover was our mutual love for shopping. One of her many likes, that I have inherited, is love for fashion.

In our little gang of fashion lovers are Muma’s and my friends. Out of my many favorites is  – Sanil Aunty, one of Muma’s close friends who curates and sells clothes from home. Aunty and Muma have always curated and designed the best of clothes for me. I was always that kid with the prettiest frock, courtesy this. Even now when I look for comfortable clothes to wear on a regular summer teaching day, I can blindly depend on them to choose the best fabric for me. They take immense efforts in choosing  the colours, that are best for the season. This time they picked white for me, because which better colour for a hot summer day. The safest bet I would say!

810_3503And the cherry on the cake is, one of my dearest friends Rucha( also my co-blogger) curates and also makes amazing jewelry. So, when I want to dress up a little for a special occasion in class or otherwise, I need to just call Rucha and tell her that I need to style this Kurti with something nice. Send her a picture of the dress and Voila! I start receiving pictures of numerous designs that I can choose from. Could life get any better? Oh yes it can, she now has an amazing website- that all jewelry lovers can drool over.

I, like my co-bloggers, am a strong believer in Sustainable Fashion. But I rarely get to borrow clothes from friends because of the differing size. This time around I got lucky and Jennifer’s (or Jenny as we call her) pattiala fit me. I was elated that finally my principles of sustainability can be put to action. May I always get so lucky!

With such amazing fashion providers, it surprises me, why my father has managed to learn just one line in German. Even though he is married to a German teacher for 31 years and is the father of a girl who has done her Masters in German Studies . The line is “Ich habe kein Geld” which means ” I have no money” .  😛

810_3419 2

What I Wore:

  • White Kurti (Running Cloth Curated from Hastakala Heritage by Mrs. Sanil)
  • Patiala and Dupatta borrowed from Jenny, another dear friend.
  • Jewelry from Perline by Rucha
  • Juttis are a souvenir from Jodhpur

Photography by Bhushan Deshmukh.


6 thoughts on “My Core Team of Stylists

  1. Great job girl, and I must you look really good. Very well composed. Fashion is such team work, most people go unnoticed, thanks for bringing the unsung heroes to light. Keep up the awesomeness.


  2. A typical father statement…
    I loved the blue…and the jewelry (treat to eyes). What’s the work on the kurti called?


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