Little Black Magic

The first gorgeous little black dress (LBD) that I have worn was purchased at a yard sale in my second year at college. Its brand-less and was worn by its previous owner for a couple of years before it got passed down to me. I have deeply cherished the dress because it was a somewhat love at first sight. I have usually worn a scarf, a huge glittery belt or a sweater along with it to add a bit of zing. It was the ONLY little black dress I owned for years, until my this birthday when I got three LBDs as gifts. The second dress that I am wearing, was my 23rd birthday gift from my bestie Shivangi Khattar. Its a Forever 21 black romper with roses on it and fits gorgeously. I love you blutiee!

For this post I wanted to BRIEFLY revisit history and trace back the origins of the Little Black Dress.

So it seems like it was back in 1920s that the western world was taken over by the idea of LBD, especially and because of, its simplicity. It was mostly seen as an evening dinner dress, and was slowly morphed into a cocktail dress and now to a more disco/club wear. I guess we could all agree that only the venues in the background, and the length of the dresses have changed. LBDs still create the same magic as they did back in 1920s, from Coco Chanel’s design printed in the Vogue, to Audrey Hepburn’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’sLBD is inarguably something that all women look great in.

I love uniformity and I am that “less is more” person. This is probably why I am also into sustainable fashion, not to say that sustainable fashion is minimalistic, but that it innately has a sense of simplicity. I love comfort and I am big on minimalism. And my styling for the LBD is a reflection of that.  For me, LBD, minimalism and sustainable fashion, fits cohesively by the single thread of simplicity.

So if you are going out for a party, graduation, cocktail or an evening date, and dont want to feel overdressed, you could possibly try what I’ve done to flaunt the LBD.



Earrings: Pearl Drops borrowed from Rucha.

Necklace: Single pearl necklace from PerlinebyRucha

Dress: At a Yard Sale

Shoes : Borrowed from Rucha

Makeup – Me!

IMG_6477 (1)IMG_6441

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Borrowed from Rucha

Jewelry: Rings – PerlineByRucha

Necklace: Perline Silver


All photos clicked by: Shailendra Pardesi  You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook!


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