Junk it Up!


Silver is something I personally love. When we came up with the idea to start a blog I wanted to do something that defines me. So there I was, trying to explore different ways to drape our daily apparels. Well, wearing the typical skirt as a dress is an upcoming trend, many people try it and love the comfort, if only there aren’t any wardrobe malfunctions (something I myself faced the 1st time I tried it which is an embarrassing moment and it needs real courage to pull up the whole idea and try it out again) . So here I am, wearing a Wrap-around skirt as a dress and accessorizing it with all the Junk silver that i had.

This attire is close to my heart. Firstly, it gets all the attention needed 😉 😛 secondly, it is free from the maintenance drama as equal to wearing a loose ‘gharka kapda’ and finally pairing it with these amazing Boots give me a sense of individuality, a strong bond with my feminine side and the idea to conquer the world ( the world is a runway, girls 😛 )



What I wore: Street side Wrap-around skirt from Mahabaleshwar.

Jewellery:  Perline by Rucha

Boots: Forever 21

Photography: Bhushan Deshmukh


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