In Pursuit of the Himalyas

Before I took a sabbatical from writing, I wrote the blog Rendezvous with the Himalyas: Uttarakhand which was essentially my travelogue of my time in Lansdowne. Since childhood, I have been an avid reader and whenever I read a book, I wanted to go to the place mentioned in the book. This time around my own work was pushing me to go back to the Himalayas. I had concluded the blog, saying Rahul will be the one who will make my second Rendezvous happen. Till date, I have no clue why I even wrote that sentence,without a plan in mind.  Maybe it was this oh-so-amazing pictures by Rahul of this Mudhouse in one Himalayan valley, that made the urge to get into the Mountains even more stronger.

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Hola to all the creative souls out there! After longing to build something in the mountains for years, finally a dream has come true. I have recently opened up a Mudhouse Experience Hostel in Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh. (@mudhousehostels) This mud house stands in a beautiful setup amidst mountains and on the bank of Tirthan river. It's a double storey Mudhouse. There is a common space to sit, work, relax. There is a waterfall within 2 minutes of walking distance and there exists myriads of treks and trails for activity enthusiasts. You can experience local Himachali villages, their culture, people and nature at its best. The place is hustled beside the river Tirthan, amidst pine trees and mountains all around. I am a film maker myself and intend to collaborate with artists all around. You can stay and work from there, and it's best for creative soul. We are live from 1st September onwards. We are open for booking on Airbnb and soon will be available on all leading online portals. @mudhousehostels ___________________________________ #village #architecture #hostels #nature #clouds #travel #trio #hippie #blogger #travelblogger #life #himalayas #himachal #himalayangeographic #ig_travel #ig_writer #natgeo#lonelyplanetindia #happiness #rains #indiatourism #indianshutterbugs #incredibleindia #backpacking #landscape #pixel #traveldiaries #cntraveler

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Just a week of the Diwali vacations/ Semester break were pending. I was cribbing about the escalated flight prices to anyone and everyone, who wanted to hear me out. I kept checking the flight rates to Delhi, as if they will magically fall.Trains were not even an option considering the vacations. And as fate would have it,the costs fell miraculously. Just a quick message to Rahul in Jibhi and I started packing to leave. I took the flight the next day and during the flight I got to know I got the ticket cheaper than a person ,who had booked three months before. The Puneri in me gleamed with happiness 😛

After a wonderful day with my students from Delhi and a quick shopping spree in Janpath, I took the Bus to Aut. I thought those 12 hours would be boring but turns out, this was the most memorable bus journeys I have had.  This was for mainly two reasons –

Reason Number 1 – I vomited at least 10 times that night. I had forgotten,I used to be travel sick as a kid. I hadn’t been travel sick in 15 years! The bus conductor kept giving me plastic bags and I kept vomiting in them. It was the most pathetic and embarrassing thing that had happened to me in long.

Reason Number 2 –  Well, to get past a night like that, you need an angel by your side. The night wasn’t half as bad because I had this stranger girl rubbing my back and asking me if I was ok all through the sickness. I had just met her in the Bus. We had amazing conversations that night and am glad to have met her. It’s only human to feel lonely in sickness and this one girl didn’t make me feel that. Of all the people from my travels, this one girl Arushi, will always be my favorite and I’m hoping to have a chance of returning the favour of her kindness and warmth.

I got off around 6.30  at Aut and as usual promised my travel friend to stay in touch (which I am not doing,yet again) . At Aut I stood looking at the mountains,wondering what I am supposed to do next. So, because this was such an impromptu trip, I hadn’t bothered to find out how to move forward from Aut. Rahul had said get off at Aut and I got off. Rahul was on a trek in a jungle,so I couldn’t have contacted him. The nausea from the night hadn’t left me, so I decided to sit on the steps of the unopened shops,till I felt better. I did have 2G network on my phone but the nausea was so bad that I didn’t have the will power or patience to surf the internet to find my way to Jibhi. So, I just sat there, looking at the milk and newspaper vendors busy in their work. In around 20 mins, a cute old himachali couple came by and started small talking to me. The look of amazement and worry on their face after they learnt I was traveling solo,was just adorable. They took it upon themselves to guide me into a local bus for Banjar and they explained to me like one would explain a little kid, that I was to take another bus from Banjar to Jibhi. They got into the same bus and got off, with a lot of worry, a few stops before me. I was so glad that I hadn’t got through Rahul. I wouldn’t have had this amazing moment of care and kindness,had I known the way to Jibhi. And their kindness was the cure to my nausea.

I reached Banjar and now I had reached a point, where I needed a break from the nausea of the Bus travel. So I paused and I randomly started talking to two travelers,who were as tired of the bus journey as I was. As fate would have it, we found a lift to Jibhi together and off we went. On my journey from Banjar to Jibhi, I thought to myself, how we have forgotten to travel without the GPS and Google. I don’t seem to think of a way to travel around without it, when my parents’ generation did it incredibly well.

And finally, I saw the Zero Stone – JIBHI !

And there ended my pursuit without a GPS! And yet again, the Himalayas proved it – the pursuit of happiness is not half as important as finding happiness in the pursuit. And I found happiness even in a lot of discomfort.


I shall write about how this escapade to look at the very first Mudhouse Experiential Hostel ended, the friends and memories I made there and a lot more of details on my bond with Jibhi in my next blog.

Picture Credits :

Feature Picture is by Me

Mudhouse Picture is a work of Rahul Bharadwaj, check his work on instagram – theknowntales and Zero Stone Picture is a work of Nalin Vyas from flyingchappalproductions . Go follow them to know the cool friends, I have! 


12 thoughts on “In Pursuit of the Himalyas

  1. This is the way to escape from the mundane world..
    to see us where we do stand.
    well..since u have reached the destination..
    i would like to read more abt the valley..
    waiting for it☺.. your writing have aroused my curiosity..


  2. I am curious and eager to know what happened next …I am now at Jibhi 😀 Penned your thoughts beautifully darling…keep writing…


  3. It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small
    And the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all
    It’s time to see what I can do
    To test the limits and break through
    No right, no wrong, no rules for me
    I’m free
    Let it go, let it go
    I am one with the wind and sky
    Let it go, let it go
    You’ll never see me cry
    Here I stand and here I stay
    Let the storm rage on…
    Waiting to hear the new let it go story of Jibhi


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