Good Karmic Slow Fashion

Empathic design is a concept that is a part of user-centred design aiming to promote a deeper connection to the consumer, making it important to integrate it with slow fashion. This can be done by understanding the consumers’ needs, values, and emotions ( Wikipedia)

Handcrafted Jewellery has always been my fashion weakness. Just looking at a well handcrafted jewellery makes my eyes gleam with happiness. What makes handcrafted jewellery even more incredible, is the love and warmth with which it is made.


These particular jhumkis are an amazing example of empathic fashion as they have been made as per my values and emotions. The were made in my presence so I know how much heed was given to the consumers want and needs. They are all the more unique as they come along with abundance of gratefulness from the makers or Abiras as they are called.


Abira means a strong or courageous woman. Abira is an incubation centre, where marginalised women are trained to be financially independent. The profits of all the product sales are utilised for training and upliftment of these Abiras.  So, getting these ones was a good idea as the jhumkis came with a package of Good Karma!

Normally, one chooses the accessories as per the outfit. But, I reversed this because I couldn’t resist wearing these Jhumkis,as soon as possible.I,therefore, chose to wear them with an outfit out of my slow fashion collection.

Slow fashion clothing is made up of high quality materials usually with timeless designs that can be worn year round and never go out of style.

_P0A2910 2Slow fashion ensures lengthening in the usage of a garment by either using organic durable fibres in it’s production or upcycling the fabric.  Saris and their fabrics never go out of trend. I don’t remember a patch when a Chanderi silk or a Kanjeewaram went out of fashion.I have always been non-hesitant in stealing saris from my mother’s wardrobe and getting dresses tailored in varied designs. In my opinion, a revamped sari is one of the most amazing and not so expensive way to style yourself . Another benefit is that you are controlling the carbon footprint in your own tiny way by not demanding for a newly produced garment and by producing lesser waste. Slow fashion is a revolution towards an ecological lifestyle and not just another fashion trend. Do give it a try and gleam away at the load of good Karma that will come your way. To care for this earth, need never get out of Fashion, I would say .



 This maxi dress is tailor made out of a Sari, my mother had draped a lot of times and had a few bad blemishes.

About the look:

Dress: Revamped Sari

Jhumkis: A Good Karma product from Abira Creations. You can shop for these here. (PROMOCODE: PINCHOFTURQUOISE )



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