Footwear Fetish Ft.Divya

A good pair of shoes , does more than elevating an outfit ; it becomes inseparable from it.

Whether it is Cinderella’s Glass Slippers or the modern day Cinderella’s (Carrie Bradshaw) Manolo Blahniks , its hard to imagine these women without their iconic footwear. But what is it about these shoes that makes your heart race and lust after them? The jolt of joy that you feel when you first put on a new pair of heels , or the rush you feel when you become the proud owner of your first red heels?

Dr Valerie Steele (Co-curator of the “Shoe exhibition “) says, “They’re an intimate extension of the body and seem to say so much about our attitudes, aesthetics, sexuality and social status.” Now that, is a fine excuse for buying those 400$ worth of Louboutins.
But it is less about the brand of the shoes and more about the feeling that it evokes, that can convince us to make a hole that deep in our pockets!


On the other hand,Oxfords or Balmorals as they are called were initially known and widely preferred to be worn by men alone. But now in the 21st century as women are trying to walk alongside men with equal importance why not share the comforts that they have been abiding to since ages and break the stereotypes of wearing heels for every occasion and be more female like.
Women have now started sporting the look of these leather formal shoes pretty well and with confidence as they are comforting and hassle free. Most comfortable way to get away without having the trouble of managing heels and the pain that comes along with it.


We all love ballet.We have always been in awe of their tremendous hard-work. From their dance routines to the tying of shoes,everything has a rhythm.  We have seen the bleeding toes and their aching arms and back. Though we have only been mere spectators,we have felt it all – their struggle as well as their craze for perfection.

These varied thoughts hit us when we came across these illustrations by Divya Ramachandran!Divya is an illustrator,who has done her Masters in Design from Domus Academy in Milan and has now been illustrating for the past seven years. Before she moved on to using pen as a medium,she did a lot of zen tangles. With time she grew in love with sketching especially with the pen. Hatching is her favourite technique and when asked what inspires her- “Kids”!she exclaims.

All her doodles and sketches have a story and every time she sketches, she makes it a point to make a sketch which even a 7 year old could interpret. She believes, if a 7 year old doesn’t get it,then it isn’t good enough! This is the reason,why she would surely like to continue teaching kids as that helps her keep her work more child centred and this way she would never be short of inspiration.

This footwear collection was inspired by Divya‘s liking for sneakers and her friend,who works at Converse.  She personally loves the phase when sneakers were beautifully done up with funky designs and doodles. And we cannot agree more! Who didn’t like those doodles on those sneakers?!

Her work has been exhibited across schools and cafes in Chennai and Bangalore . She dreams to keep spreading her work in every country and to never stop sketching.

And we dream for her to bring more of our fashion fetishes on paper 😊


Amogha,Esha,Rucha and Vishaka


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