Fashion is both, expression and reflection

Summer is all about colors. And although my go to colors are blues, shades of grey and black, I believe you can’t be flamboyant without colors.

I am the example of what curves stand for – wide hips and wide shoulders. Up until recently I shied away from this fact, because we live in a chiseled-jaw, tucked-tummy, long-legs fantasy world, and I do not fit there. I mostly wear dark colors because I love them. But to be completely honest, I also used to wear them because they made me look skinnier and more appealing. I bought into the skinnier girls are more desirable scam and self loathed for a few years.

Fashion, for me, is an expression and a reflection of your beliefs. It’s not one or the other. So I wondered why my choice was never colors, because I am vibrant and flamboyant, to the level of outright madness. But somehow internally I felt unequipped to express myself. Some part of it came from my previously held belief that fashion is stupid, temporary and for the rich- * insert all the beliefs Andrea (Anne Hathaway) held before she worked under Miranda Priestly (Merryl Streep) and this.*  That belief drove me through four years of college and a year and a half post that. I feel differently about fashion now. And I definitely feel very different about myself. Lately I have been asking myself these questions when I get ready: Is this comfortable? Is this going to help me feel better or worse? Do I feel confident in this? Does this represent what I am feeling?

Most often I don’t have to go through all of them\ questions. But it helps me to reflect back. So perhaps when you are choosing an outfit and thinking through questions like, does this make me look hot? does this make me look skinny? remember that there are chances that your insecurities will take over. So might I suggest, instead, express yourself unhesitatingly by being comfortable. Because there is truly nothing as hot as being comfortable and confident. There is nothing wrong in wanting to look skinny or hot, but remind yourself that fashion at its core is expression. Are you expressing your pleasure in your choices? And are you reflecting back on your choices having once made them?


When I picked this outfit, I paired it with a black cami initially, but at the insistence of my friend, and co-blogger, Rucha, I chose the vibrant peach one instead. It was comfortable and made me instantly feel better. The black one, to my surprise, seemed duller when compared to this. The skirt was a cheap buy from 3 years ago from forever 21.

The scarf is a lovely gift from my soul-sister Ahana. The scarf was more of a hide-the-cleavage component, but once on, I was messing around with it. I tried styling it differently and loved these two most.



My makeup is minimal (Kajal and Eyeliner) with a touch of red lip color (Revlon Color Burst Matte 225 ) and the neck piece is from Rucha’s collection.



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