Daddy’s li’l girl. Always.

Hi Baba. Happy Father’s Day!

Now I know you think these “days” are a westernized concept, and that we must celebrate each day in our lives. But just like we argued yesterday , I am telling you again, for me, this is another reason to celebrate the good in my life. More specifically, to celebrate your presence in my life!
I love you so much. And I know you love me much more than I can imagine. But today is not just about that. I have so many wonderful memories of our relationship. So much that I have learnt  from our bond of many years. Today I want to thank you for a few of those. Just a few. Because I could write multiple books on this topic , and run out of words eventually, but I still wouldn’t finish.

Fashion back then, was trying not to spill food all over myself . Happiness was just being with you.


Hugging is a silent way of saying “you matter to me.”               ~Unknown

You hug a lot! And I couldn’t thank you enough for that. When I was a kid, you’d hug and give me a kiss right before I left for school. And I would know, everything is fine. Now, we hug after arguments, I hug you if I am sad and I hug you if I am happy. There is never a shortage of hugs from you. I know a hug doesn’t solve all my problems. But a hug from you assures me that I CAN solve all MY problems. Thank you for that assurance.

Only you can manage to make me laugh, even with a bandage wrapped around your foot!

It’s the little things in life.

This is one quality you and mom have in equal measures. You never forget the little gestures in life. From wishing absolutely everyone on their birthdays to knowing exactly what kind of food people like. I have learnt to appreciate the value of small gestures in life. Sometimes that’s all you need to put a smile on someone’s face. Think an extra mile for someone , and you might fill their heart with happiness!

Your choices reflect your priorities                                         ~Jean. A .Stevens

Dad , thank you for always giving us priority. And I speak for mom and Rohit too when I say that ,we wouldn’t be where we are, wouldn’t have received the quality of education that we have, if it weren’t for you. Thank you for working more than 35 years of your life, so we could have a good home.
I remember how you would drive to Mumbai every Friday and drive back to Pune every Monday. Because weekend was the only time you could spend with us.

Blood makes you related, Loyalty makes you family.

Thanks dad for teaching us the importance of loyalty. Not only in our personal ,but professional lives too. You are a company man, respected, trustworthy and loyal. And that’s what I hope to be in my professional life too!

My fashion choices changed from  skirts to shararas to princess dresses. But my hero remained constant .

Believe in your abilities , fight for what you think is right.

You might call me stubborn from time to time, or even think I am naive. But this is something I have learnt from you, dad. You have developed your personality consciously over the past many years. So thank you for being there, to see me , as I change, grow and evolve in life. Thank you for being a patient ear when I need to be heard. Thank you for debating with me, to make me understand my views better.

But most importantly, Thank you for never dismissing my opinion on anything.  There’s no greater respect than being heard by the elder , more experienced people.  Thank you for always giving me that respect.
Happy Fathers Day , Baba, I hope to make you proud each day.[ I’d like to think that I have begun on that path  🙂 ]

Lots of Love,
Always your li’l girl.



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