Combinations: Part II

Every colour is associated with its different traits and meanings. Combining them together, not just for their meaning but also for the way they compliment each other is a point of paramount significance.

Today’s blog is the second one from my ‘Combination‘ series (my favourite and easy pick combinations); focusing on the colours that give the outfits a ‘mudh mudh ke dekh‘ kinda statement.

Yellow is bright enough after the colour red and gives us a cheerful, energetic and fresh vibe. Purple is a colour that calms the mind and nerves, encouraging creativity. Pairing these two together, in subtle and equal amount you get the perfect blend of all these factors. Hence, a number of clothes that we come across while shopping have these two colours as their base.


This outfit was an inspiration from a marathi celebrity named Mukta Barve. She had sported the Dhoti bottom with a Shirt on top in one of her daily soaps. I really, did find the look attractive and thought of giving it a try.

Not only is the outfit of a Dhoti with a Shirt attractive, but it is another example of a way more comfortable attire to roam around in town, for the whole day. It gives you a ‘Desi-kudi-formal-look’.

IMG_0975                 IMG_0976

I have paired this outfit with a handmade anklet cum bracelet cum choker. I happened to pick it up from the streets in Hampi, Karnataka. Iinitially I had bought it with an intension of tying it around my ankle but here, I have worn it as a ‘hippie choker’; it butters up the outfit well, doesn’t it? 😉

I hope y’all like this outfit and the combination. Try it out for yourself in a different way and feel that cheery vibe run through you 😉


This shoot wouldn’t have been possible without my dear friend and brother Sahil Shikalgar. Thank you for not being mad at me for waking you up so early in the morning. Follow his work here on Instagram.

This attire is a street pick, pocket friendly yet stylish one, a definite try for college peeps. I got the yellow see-through shirt from FC road, Pune. The purple Dhoti was a random pick from streets of Goa and the Choker from Hampi.

Location: Somewhere around an Iron bridge near Symbiosis, Mamurdi. 😛

Do feel free to comment with your suggestions below. Do show us your love and support by following us on Facebook and Instagram. 😉 😀


E ❤



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