Back To Basics: 3 – Stripes

I don’t know if it’s my brain but I love all things symmetry. So no wonder I fell in love with stripes, instantly. The thing about stripes is that it is gender neutral. A striped shirt looks good on both men and women (regardless of how you style it) and it brings out a combined chic and formal look. My most beloved striped shirt dates back to grade 9th, it was a green and white collared T-shirt that I wore for 5 years before I outgrew it (also my mum found holes in it).

As you all know by now my three favorite colors are white, black, and red. They never ever look bad on you, and fortunately, never go out of style. Whenever I want to go for a fancy dinner party, but can’t think of any outfit, chances are I will opt for one of these colors. And they always work like magic.


For me, stripes have always been basic. Perhaps its the way they accentuate your physique and contrast your face. The fashion trends have had graphic tops and striped shirts on runways this entire year and it looks like its here to stay. Stripes definitely have a calming effect on me; once I wear stripes I don’t feel the need to over accessorize myself, it feels enough.


This outfit was fancy because it coupled the long kurta pattern and stripes. Also RED. The whole outfit was a street buy from the shoes – bought at Bandra Linking Road, Mumbai and the dress and from Janpat, Delhi. So a little secret about the jewelry – it came with the outfit. It was basically attached to the dress but wasn’t strongly sewn into the material, and came out quite easily after the first wash.  So I just found earring hooks and attached these pretty buttons on to them and voila! 


I wore this outfit to my brother’s recent show in Pune and paired it with a pashmina shawl. But as it goes with all things basic – you can wear this anywhere, from a fancy party to the office, and carry it off like a boss.

Thank you, Siddharth Pandit for these lovely photos – Do support and follow him here


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