Back to Basics 1: White Kurta

Wearing a white kurta is probably the easiest thing you can do when you are at loss of ideas of what to wear. I borrowed this embroidered chiffon white kurta from a friend because mine was old and stained. The reasons for why everyone should own at least one white kurta are many, but the simplest one is – it’s easily styleable. You can make it extravagant and flamboyant or you can style it in a minimalistic way, you can style it in a chic way (like Esha did here) or in a traditional one (like I am doing here).


I paired my white kurta with blue leggings and long faded sky blue earrings. It’s truly basic, in that the two most natural colors that we are easily drawn to are in one frame. I used my colored sports bra instead of wearing a white body-hugging cami. I feel it brought a bit of a pop and retro feel. The kurta is a-lined and long so I could have paired it with palazzos or a skirt but I wanted to keep the kurta the hero of the outfit and decided to dump that idea. 


Nothing too fancy with my makeup as well – a bindi, short and broad eyeliner and kajal. Wear this look to the office, or to a brunch, and even a party. And the undeniably gorgeous earrings from Perline Crafts.

Photography by my partner in crime and all things good Siddharth Pandit



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