Bruno 1

I promise I didn’t cry today,

when I got out of bed without a lick on my nose.

I promise I didn’t cry today,

when Muma gave me breakfast and I missed you under the table,

waiting for your share.

I promise I didn’t cry today,

when I got out of home and didn’t see your pleading eyes,

asking me to not go.

Bruno 2


I promise I didn’t cry today,

when I was in the car and I could see your reflection in the side mirror,

your ears flying in the wind.

bruno 4

I promise I didn’t cry today,

when I got home to a empty house,

to a clean house;

one without your muddy paw prints.


I promise I didn’t cry today,

when I hugged Muma,

and I didn’t see your angry jealous face.

Bruno 3

I promise I didn’t cry today,

when I was trying to sleep,

with the wish of hearing you snore again.


I promise I won’t cry,

as I struggle to learn to live without you;





P.S: Bruno and me were exactly here when I lost him. These pictures are one of the last few pictures of Bruno and me. They are unedited just like Bruno and my bond. This is the look book not only for the dress, but a look book into Bruno and my bond. I was the happiest with Bruno. My smile radiated into my eyes just with him. I was beautiful to him in my pyjama as well.

As I try to cope with my anchorless life, I am thankful to Bhushan Deshmukh (follow link) for these pictures. I am also thankful to my Co-Bloggers for having let Bruno be a part of us and loving Bruno. Bruno couldn’t have had asked for anything more.

Location: Bruno’s house in Queenstown


  • Running  Cloth Curated by Mrs. Sanil from Hastakala Heritage, Laxmi Road.
  • Designed by me
  • Tailored by Taseer Tailors, Laxmi Road.

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Vishaka. Ayalur 🙂



25 thoughts on “Anchorless

  1. It’s really interesting how animals are more understanding nowadays.
    Well written Vishaka. And I do understand the pain when they become part of our family and leave right in front our eyes.
    Been there felt that 😦.


  2. Ohhh Vishakha..I can understand what you are going through.. it’s a loss that just cannot be replaced or reversed…but life goes on..and you are a strong person as of what I’ve seen of you. Don’t break strong for Bruno..


  3. Stay strong my dear friend …I cannot say much…losing a dear like Bruno is a big loss.
    I remember when he was young and he used come behind me and the idli packets that I used to get. He is with us, always. TK care


  4. Through your post I use to see him I use to feel a strong bond you two were sharing and I was also attached somewhere . His absence is difficult to accept but he has played his important role in your life and will always b alive in your memories..RIP


  5. Bruno may not be physically around, however ethically he is watching over you and your family my young lady. The special bond that was built does not have an expiry date. He will always remain our SPECIAL SUPER HERO😊It’s always hard to lose our loved ones but guess what when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Hugs xx


  6. Memories are everlasting dear.. And the best part is some don’t fade at all.. Bruno has left the treasure behind.. Keep the promise.. Don’t cry.. :-*


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