Anchor of my life


2004 was the year, when this handsome fellow entered our life with humongous amount of positive vibes. In the years that followed, Bruno, became the star of the household. He was my anchor in dealing with peer pressure and my rocky teenage. His eyes always reassuringly said “It’s OK to fall ,baby, just get up”. In my quest to have a stable career as soon as possible, I started working at the age of 16. With time to come, I neglected my fitness. End result – I had gained a little fat here and there . I was told by my family and especially, by my brother, to not neglect it, but of course, I paid no heed.  On the other hand, Bruno has always been a well taken care of, healthy dog. I neglected my fitness but never his.

In 2015, Bruno- then 10 years old, ended up with a severe ear infection and started falling down because of the imbalance caused due to the fungus formed in his ear. I asked my students to leave and decided to take him to the vet.  We got to the car  with a lot of struggle and falls. I was happy that we had reached the car and it would be just a jump away for him to reach the doctor. Little did I know, he for the very first time, won’t be able to hop onto the car seat, as he usually does. Till that day, I never had to pick him up because even at the vet’s, he used to co-operate and we never had to pick him up and put him onto the examination table.

I had to pick him up, for the very first time in 10 years , I had to pick a 35 kg unwell dog . He yelped as he knew I was struggling. I consoled saying, “Baby, don’t worry, we can get past this”.


He recovered in a month. But in this month , I had to  carry him around a lot and I struggled. In his eyes, I could see the  hurt , to see me struggle. My Bruno can endure anything himself but he can’t ever see me in pain and can never see me cry.  And that’s when the thought crept in – I need to be fit and strong, if not for me ,for him. I announced to the household – Never again do I want to see that hurt in his eye, where he thinks he is a burden to me(which happens a lot in ageing dogs).810_3200

The very next month, I started weight training and with time got fitter and then I thought I am ready to face his old-age. I was sure, that I was now ready to support him, every time he falls. What I didn’t realize is , I won’t ever be ready for his old age. I won’t ever be ready to lose him.

Now, he is almost 13 and his hind legs are weakening and we  need to help him get up constantly.I am physically completely capable of that now.  But,I never thought that I won’t ever be ready to see him fall and won’t ever be ready to say , “It’s OK to fall ,baby, just get up”. It was always he who played that role.

On one particular Saturday, while picking him up,when he was trying to get up, I couldn’t stop myself from crying. And then, he just looked up at me and licked my tears off. And then, we just held each other and cried together. The very next minute, he miraculously got up on his own – Not for himself , but for me.

The pictures are from the very next day


And here we are standing up to each other – in my troubled teenage  and his slippery old age, in fatness and fitness, in sickness and in health.  He held me up when I needed it the most and now I try doing it to the best of my ability. But I know, it’s always Bruno, who will hold me up. It will always be Bruno who will be the anchor.810_3174

What I wore:


Jumpsuit from Vera Moda( A jumpsuit is perfect on a sunny day in the park with your pet)

Shoes from Adidas(running after your day is so much easier with a good pair of shoes)

I chose an outfit I would be most comfortable in so that I can be up and about in a jiffy,whenever Bruno needs me.

Watch is a gift by our co-founder – Esha Karbhari. She got it from Fastrack for my birthday a few years ago.

Photography by Bhushan Deshmukh from Home Work Production.

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55 thoughts on “Anchor of my life

  1. Bruno will always be in the hearts for lifetime of all those who have spent time with him.
    I still remember the first day when he was brought at home and the first night he was with our school gang.


  2. Omg!! Vishaka u look so beautiful 😍 ! You have written so well about Bruno which makes makes the picture perfect and its sound so well about his life with you. Really good 😊
    Waiting for some more to come up!


  3. More power to you Vishaka for coming a long way. Very proud of you😊 Your go getter attitude, love for Bruno…well for that matter, being humane and keeping your feet on the ground while aiming for the sky projects how you have been bought up with core values young lady. As for Bruno, he had adopted you and will always want his baby to succeed. Good luck and blessings always. Oodles of love and big hug comes your way😇💗


  4. Vish this is so well written. You have left me in a state of mind wherein i am ecstatic , at the same time i want to cry.
    They say dog owners and dog lovers are true humans. Such accurately written!
    You have narrated his life story so well that i was sworn into being Vishaka and imagining Bruno by my side.
    Every tad bit of it was so catchy and i just wanted more and more of Bruno.
    Please keep writing more . Every dog story is unique and warm.
    Special mention to your get up. You look amazing❤️
    But Bruno is the show stopper, you know😉 (As a dog owner you know that’s always bound to happen)


  5. First of all you are looking beautiful.
    You wrote vry well, its totally touching and I could connect to it more as we were in the same class. I remember the frequent visits to your place and Bruno walking all over our project work. 😊 Wish to see him soon.


  6. Wow Vish!!!! That really was heart touching & written incredibly well. Can’t wait to meet the handsome hunk now!!! Hopefully SOON.
    & keep writing coz’ this was beautiful!!!!


  7. Amazing article Vishakha! As a dog lover myself I can connect to every single word you said out there! Beautifully written! Keep up the good work! Lots and lots of love to Bruno and you!


  8. Hey , nicely written Vishakha, I could actually feel those thoughts, you feel for your pet as you know we too have a cutie pie ‘Bruno’ our doggy with a ever wagging tail.
    I could hence connect very easily , heart touching rendition and sensitive handling of the subject.
    God Bless !


  9. To be very honest, I have never come across such a lovely relationship between a human and a pet so closely. Your blog made me realise, how wonderful it is to be with a pet for a long. One can easily imagine your world with Bruno because it’s you, who explained it so well with lively photos. Congratulations on your first successful blog. Cheers Sayali.


  10. Wonderful article Vishaka. I was vacillating whether or not to get a dog for my teenage son. He wants one. Now I think, I will. Btw, I went to school with your mom Padma


  11. Very true. I share the Same with my own pet sweet….. But she is no more. She stayed with us for 14 years. We miss her. But true they love you unconditionally.


  12. Great article!! You should often keep writting blogs on different topics as well, and should try your hands on modelling too 🙂 you are looking very pretty and gorgeous… Keep blogging…. 🙂
    Warm regards,
    Asha Vaidya


  13. I too have gone through this…our dog was also Named Bruno and he passed away when he was 13. I do believe in what our grand parents say, people say that pet in your house can sense if something wrong is going to happen, he passed away the night my Grand father was very sick and doctor said he will be there or not till tomorrow morning can’t say. The same night Bruno died and my grand father lived for 1 more month post that.
    They teach us a lot and they teach us to care, adore and love people. And do things for others whole heartedly.


  14. Hey Vishaka,
    I know Bruno as a very caring family member. I remember him sniffing me but not a single bark. He is very lovable. Sad to see a member ageing but good to see him teaching you lessons of life, making you stronger. Thank you for sharing this wonderful relation with Bruno.
    Jatin (Krishna’s friend)


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