I am Amogha. I enjoy good food, good art, and good company. I love innovation – jugaad – and so I am easily drawn to things that are sustainable, because thats what jugaadis do. I am a dog-worshipping, cat-friendly, your next-door neighbor girl who loves reading, writing and poetry. I also like science and am passionate about research.
I always thought fashion and styling were pointless and that comfort overrides it all. And guess what I found myself the perfect balance of comfort and fashion. Most of it is, quite genuinely, in your head, and for everything else there is a huge market to choose from. I love thrift stores and flea markets (not the upscale ones). And I love buying cheap clothes as long as the fabric is good. Lately, I have been keen on being sustainable and its actually quite easy. Anyway, for more on my journey follow us!

And Hey. Welcome.



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