Aai’s Sari to my Dress.

A mother’s sari is the most dear thing for any daughter and wearing her sari is all the more precious moment of our lives. Ever since I came to my senses, I’ve wanted to drape my mother’s Sari. Although managing it as elegantly as her is a strenuous task to carry out; Sari has always been dear to me.

There are times when our mothers get bored with their saris and plan on giving them away; breaking our hearts into pieces. My mother had this silk sari that I loved a lot but it was quite old and so she decided to give it away. I pleaded with her and said I’d make something out of it but not to give it away. To my surprise, she agreed and my happiness had no bounds. I, along with my elder sister Neha; designed a pattern for this beautiful sari.


Here are a few details to the sari and it’s usage in the sibling mastermind design.


As Anarkalis rarely go out of fashion we planned on using that style with pleats for the flow. The heavy border paired with the solid flare makes it perfect.


Navy blue pallu with golden stripes was something we couldn’t leave out, hence using it for the chest and back area with a deep neck makes it all the more pretty.


Pairing this beautiful creation with the Steve Madden Stilettos is a cherry on the cake and it worked wonders giving my rather short visibility with a little bit of height.


My love for Sari wouldn’t die but in this dress it has been converted in a way. This Anarkali was my way of contributing to the sustainable fashion, #letsSustainFashion drive, for this festive season. I am sure y’all would too want to recreate your mother’s old sari into a fashionable style statement. Why wait? Let’s reuse, recreate, recycle and sustain our personal style.

This beautiful piece of self designed Anarkali and the attire has been justified well enough by the Photographer Shivani Naik. Follow her work on Instagram and Facebook.

Location Shaniwar wada, Pune. The historical monument was kind enough to give us the perfect texture, light and background for our clicks.

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Hope y’all loved this small blog and would shower your love for the same.


E ❤



3 thoughts on “Aai’s Sari to my Dress.

  1. So glad that you guys creating awareness about sustainable fashion. It’s the need of the hour when everyone doesn’t understand the harm that fast fashion is causing to the envoirnment, culture and humans. #letssustainablefashion


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