Aai, my person.

Why does it always seem impossible to find the words to describe how much your mom means to you? Probably because she has done so much for you and your love for her is so deep, it’s hard to articulate how you feel. There are so many stories , so many feelings. Gratitude, Love, Respect. So, I am just going to tell you about my relationship with my mom. Then and now.

This beautiful lady is my mom. Her name is Shilpa Bane and she is the life of our family.

I look like my mom. And she is gorgeous! So rest assured , I am not the least bit panicky about ageing. If I look even half as good as she does, life is sorted! I always wanted to be like my mom.

We bought these saris for my brother’s engagement. And now there are two reasons why they are so close to my heart  🙂

When I was little, I used to write letters to her, make her greeting cards and get her , her favorite chocolate cake (assuming my favorite was her favorite ).She would feed me almost every night for years, because I was always too sleepy or too lazy to eat dinner. She knew when I was anxious, she knew when I was insecure, she knew when I was sad and angry and she always knew the perfect way to make me happy! I was her little girl. As a baby, she dressed me up like a doll. Shoes and bows that matched my dress , Cinderella dresses and Barbie dolls. Yes, I was the pampered little one.
When I entered adolescence, our equation changed. My requests turned into tantrums. Scolding turned into arguments, that always left  both of us in tears. As I left my teenage years behind, our equation evolved. As I moved to college , I needed space most of the time. Then there were days when I was overcome by emotions and came running back home to mom! For the past 6 years , I have shared a perfect love hate relationship with my mom.

As I look back at those years , I realize that, she never gave up on me. She is a strong woman. I have a lot of stories that will prove me right. She has immense love for me and our family. And she will do anything, and I mean anything for us.  I love food, because she is a great cook! I feel deeply , because she taught me to! I love to dance , because she saw the 5 year old me swinging to music at Navratri , and encouraged me! She is fierce and strong and upfront, as she is soft and warm and loving. She is my perfect person.

Then finally, there came a day, when we went shopping for saris. Reality hit me! Oh  how things have changed! She asks for my opinions, and actually takes my advice! She taught me a-b-c-d, I am teaching her Facebook and Instagram. She used to buy me clothes and now I dress her up in my clothes! And that day, as we went shopping for saris, I realized , my mom is my friend. She is my person. She is my little one. Now I love to pamper her. Love to take her shopping. Love to listen to her stories. Love to pick her up from her picnics with her friends. Love to know her. Basically, I love her.


Note to mom:
Aai, you have been a daughter,a sister ,a working woman, a working mother, a homemaker , a friend , a teacher , an aunt and now even a grand mom! You mean so much to so many people! But I am glad, that I can spend every day with you. Have tea talks, small gossip sessions and those shopping sprees with you! Because you are at the source of my happiness. Your smile means more than words can ever explain. I love you.


Both our saris – Tathastu , Pune.

My jewelry–  Gold plated 92.5 silver-Perline by Rucha
Follow them on instagram and Facebook 

Aai’s jewellery –  Kundan and Pearls from Laxmi Road , Pune.


All photos clicked by: Shailendra Pardesi 

You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook!


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