Aai, Didi and Me.

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“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling of a rainbow” ~ Maya Angelou

Have you ever been in a situation wherein, there are two huge support systems guiding you, annoying you, embarrassing you, intruding and caring for you, all at the same time? My mother ( the loveliest person I have successfully managed to make a peaceful pact with 😛 ) and the first-born moppet of our family (my elder sister; an equivalent to my other mother) have been working on this profile of support systems since 23 years now. Well, they have managed to do a good job by far is what I understand 😉

Being the youngest lass in this family of four, I’ve been bossed upon as well as loved the most by the other three individuals of our Karbhari clan.

According to every living individual on this earth, their mother has always been the strongest person they have ever known in their lives.

Well, my Aai is not any different either, but one thing that I would like to mention here is that; She is a lady made up of steel body and a cotton heart (a weird combination, isn’t it? ). Steel body is a reference for all the hardships that she has went through for us daughters and the whole family as this blog would run out of words if I ever had to mention her good deeds and the hard knocks throughout her life. Cotton heart is for her tender emotional nature and the ability to absorb all in by herself leaving zero sorrow and grieve for us to bear. Whatever you might think it is about your mother, that feeling of love, anger, jealousy (for all the stupid things you wanted to compete with her), you would never be able to understand her to the fullest.

My dearly beloved Didi/ or the other mother as I called her, is probably a person, the ultimate force has bestowed upon us to keep a check on the Eldest (Aai) and the Youngest (Me) in our family 😛 She is the major support system of our family (Italics because No Kidding *SHE IS*) There has not been a single day we would’ve been able to mark our survival without her. Our teacher (yes my Aai’s as well), the Beauty with Brains, my Guru of all wrongs and rights, my style fiesta who has critiqued me all my life for the best and the person who ends up saying “I-told-you-so”, here she stands after all, admirably managing to be deeply sensitive through the core.


Two of my initial Lady crushes of all times. Hell yeah! I am lucky to be blessed with two mothers by my side and I am utterly jubilant about it.

This mother’s day week I take this opportunity of writing this post just to say that, I love you my Ladies and sorry to have ever hurt you. And I promise that some way or the other, I will surely make up for it someday.


Esha ❤


What we wore:

Neha Karbhari :

Fabindia full-length Skirt.

Loose peach coloured top- FC roadside Box pick.

Red sequined Jutti – FC roadside pick.

Rajashri Karbhari:

Fabindia full-length solid colour Skirt.

Ateesa long yellow Kurti bought from Central.

Esha Karbhari:

Two-way printed satin wrap-around skirt- A gift from a friend Sudha bought from Hyderbad Flea Market.

Black Camisole from Jockey.

Black gladiators- Roadster bought online from Myntra

All the Jewellery   Handmade by Abira Creations ; Follow them on Facebook or check their website – https://www.abiracreations.com/

Photography By:  Co-Blogger Vishaka Ayalur.

Location: Chinchwad, Pune.


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