5 Reasons Why I Love All Black – Back to Basics 2

All black might look banal and relatively simple. But I beg to differ, I think its one of the tougher things to style. All said and done, its the one thing you can always wear and be comfortable. Here are my 5 reasons why I love an all-black outfit.


1. Black will accentuate whatever you wear with it.

Be it bling, red lipstick or silver chunky jewelry. This is because, black, essentially has a sense of neutrality. Meaning that whatever you wear with it will be striking and dramatic. Think – spotlight.

Processed with Rookie Cam

2. Looks good on everyone 

Whether you are light skinned or like me, brown, or dark skinned like Lupita Nyong’o or any shade really, black will always have your back 😉 There’s also something about black that suits all sizes and shapes. It looks bomb on men (are you guys taking notes?)


3. Wear it anywhere

There’s nothing as elegant and effortless as an all-black outfit. You can wear it to a party, office, or while you’re traveling and if you can pull it off even to a wedding. If you wear black the right way you will stand out in the crowd, but if you wear it “meh” way you will still blend in.


4. Eternal and Timeless

What color is the space? and the universe? Right. Black is eternal and never goes out of fashion. Wearing black will never put you out of vogue. It is always the “in-thing.

Processed with Rookie Cam



 5. It won’t stain

You can drop all the food at it won’t show. I am a bad eater and I drop food all the time, so really it’s my knight in shining armor (in black). I love the fact that I can stain a black top all I like and yet once it’s washed I cant tell where it had stained earlier. I personally believe that parents of all tiny humans that cant eat a.k.a toddlers, should own at least half a dozen of dark t-shirts and pants and dresses. But that’s just me.


For my look: I wore my #AllBlack to blend in. Its simple enough that you can wear to a party to “fit in.” It’s easy and a hassle-free combo. And the lovely Forever 21 lace choker was a gift from my friend. Minimalistic at best.


All Photographs by – Siddharth Pandit. Check him out here




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