5 Insights



Here is how you can get to know us better.

1: Why a fashion and styling blog?

Esha: Well, that is what I’d like my creative hormones to work with.

Amogha: Because it accentuates my personality and helps me reflect. For me, its kind of a slow process of falling in love with myself.

Vishaka: I have written in tits and bits earlier but fashion is unknown waters for me. I love to walk on new paths and explore. This blog is a way of exploring and expanding my horizons, in this beautiful world of fashion. I intend to get to know this world with this blog.

Rucha: Because combining clothes with jewelry, is like experiencing an art form. It is always an extension of my personality, and depicts the mood I am in.


2: What is your all time favorite trend?

Esha: Silver and Bindi. They can never run out of fashion. Have a bad hair day or a plain outfit or you’d want to try something out of the daily styles? These are the go-to ideas I myself have blind-faith in.

Rucha: Jewelry! It is the definition of style for me…And when in doubt, just flaunt those pretty pearl earrings!

Vishaka: T-shirt, denims and sneakers

Amogha: Plaid Shirts and Jeans. And red lipstick. I love red lipstick.


3: What is the one thing that you can wear anytime, anywhere?

Rucha: Kurtis!! I could pair them with anything, wear them anywhere and flaunt them always!

Vishaka: Denims and a monochromic t-shirt with junk jewelry .

Esha: Palazzos!!! Easy-breezy, also they always promise to comfort you along with the style quotient being intact.

Amogha: White Tee and Jeans. Although I drop a lot of food and I often have a hard time keeping it white. Yet,white it is.


4: What is your perception of your body?

Amogha: Curvy. I wished my body was more athletic, but I am coming to terms with this. I had a mad love-hate relationship with most of my body parts, but now I guess I am trying to just accept everything. I am not “totally in love” with it, yet, but I am definitely there.

Vishaka: I have an hourglass figure, which is perfect with its imperfections!

Rucha: Chubby! I have been comfortable with my body for a long time now. The only “Hichki” I ever felt , was my big fat nose. But as the nose pins have started trending, my “hichki” seems to have disappeared !

Esha: Petite with small boobs and big butt; well, that is some kind of embracing the perfect imperfections.


5: What is the one thing you’d like to change about the Indian fashion scene?

Vishaka: I wouldn’t change anything, but I would love to see the uniqueness of the Indian fashion scene to be noticed globally.

Esha: Nothing; after all, ethnics and indo-westerns have their own desi-tadka to everything.

Amogha: I would like if more women paired Sarees with T shirts or Jackets, and that it wasnt something only visible on websites/shopping sites showcasing models. I hate the fact that if I wear red lipstick for grocery-shopping, its somehow weird. Also men need to get more stylish with Kurtas. It shouldn’t be something that only the stereotypical hindustani mard, or social activist with a really deep voice, or a musician wears. I would love to see more men in kurtas.

Rucha: I would love to change one aspect; the way people stereotype fashion styles!  A woman can flaunt a sari one day and a pair of shorts the other day! Personal style is about comfort in your own skin, and that requires you to explore and experiment. Give people the space before you judge away!


*All Photos clicked by Shailendra Pardeshi. Go check out his incredible stuff –

Website – www.shailendrapardeshi.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/shailendra.pardeshi86

Instagram – shail.pardesi

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