1 Gown 3 Up.

Be it brunching with your family or a long awaited dinner with your friends, your first date or party scenes with your college mates, a full length monochromatic gown has the key to get you the right look for every occasion. This blog will help you go around that off shoulder gown throughout the day in three different ways for three different events.

Here I am wearing this beautiful Crepe material Pink off shoulder gown from La Rouge by Nupura Dang.

Type #1 Brunching with Family:

_USH1657         _USH1692         _USH1715

Wearing the dress with both the shoulders up and pairing it with a full length white cut jacket by Max is the perfect attire for the family scenes. The whole attire has a hint of a classy vintage look. The Silver earrings and beige heels compliment the whole look that brings out your mischievous and cute self.  

Type #2  For your ‘Date’ : 

_USH1575                     _USH1609

The basic off shoulder will never disappoint you, rather it will always be awe-inspiring and elegant in appearance and for a date it will be a super-duper hit to receive all the attention that you deserve, after all you did take efforts for that one person, didn’t you 😉 The pearl neck piece and small Swarovski ear studs keeps the whole outfit simple yet chic.

Type #3 Party or Dinner with friends: 

_USH1651-Edit          _USH1625         _USH1647

Wearing the off shoulder as a one shoulder gown and pairing it with a bronze Neck piece and a bronze statement armlet or wearing a bracelet high on the arm makes the whole attire a bit carefree but exquisite nonetheless.

I personally hope that this blog inspires you to try a few different ways to style your favourite dress and wear it in a number of other ways, feeling happy about exploring your inner stylist 😀


Esha ❤


Garment La Rouge by Nupura Dang, you can find her work on Instagram and Facebook , do follow her page for more updates.

Photography by Sushmitha Tadakamadla, follow this sweetheart on Instagram and do like her work.

Location Aga Khan Palace, Pune. 



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